The Cabin

You enter the structure on the outskirts of the forest. Within, the temperature is comfortably cool. Dim candlelight and faint sunlight filtered through stained glass only just illuminate the peculiar environs. Colorful glass polyhedrons hang down from the ceiling, and paintings of impossible vistas cover every bit of wall not occupied by sundry trinkets and baubles. A collection of conspiratorial notes are scattered about the living room. Piecing them together, you determine they form some sort of dossier.

Collected Information on the Nature of The Entity "CIARA M."

Hello, I'm Ciara (She/Her)! I'm an aspiring necromancer. I love microbes, tabletop RPGs, darkness, and deer. I hate onions, heterotrophy, light and wage labor.

I made my own little web page because, fundamentally, I am a being of chaos. Having everything on the web consolidated to a few social media websites just rubs me the wrong way. It's just too lifeless. I'm not really experienced with HTML or CSS or anything, but I really like the freedom of being able to play with the appearance and layout of my web page at will rather than being constrained to a social media profile template. I think this web page is just nicer than social media for putting my thoughts out into the void.

I have a slightly unhinged number of hobbies. I really like learning and picking up new skills, and get super antsy when I can't practice something or another. Here's just a few!

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